Blue Ice – the Thrilling New Novel by Mark Cahill

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Blue Ice is a thriller novel by Mark Cahill about a pair of Treasury Agents in the late 1990s who stumble onto a plot to ship laser technology to the Russian Republic. The story spans three continents, weaving a rich, descriptive tapestry of the many lands and people it touches, introducing us along the way to the diamond cartel, the Russian diamond miners and even post-apartheid South African mercenaries. The lives that are touched will never be the same.

Throughout the book youll see echoes of events that have since come to pass, changes that were at the time only imagined, and feared.

Writing the Book

I started writing Blue Ice in 1986, on a cold windy night in the house I lived in on the beach in Manomet, MA, using an IBM PCjr whos only storage was a 5 1/2″ floppy drive. The first few pages were written that night, and remain pretty much as I wrote them then. I pecked at the book on and off for several years, until I finally got the resolve in 1997 and sat down to finish the job.

I spent some time during 1997 sending out copies to publishers, and twice came very close, making two separate publication lists for 1998, but in each case I was bumped for an established writer rather late in the game. Prior to starting work on my next book, I vowed that I would have to publish the first one. So here it is.

My fear is that the changes of 9/11 did not look kindly on this work. Some bits seem now almost preposterous, but the reader should remember how fundamentally things changed on that day for all of us.

Writing Blue Ice was one of the seminal points in my life. It is indeed a work of love, and I thank you for sharing in it.